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What we’re doing now at Bennett, Sharpe & Bennett, Inc.
In 2004, seven correctional officers ("the Salinas 7") were fired for allegedly roughing up an inmate in the exercise yard at Salinas Valley State Prison. By re-investigating the case, we got every one of them reinstated in 2009. Since then, we have been litigating continuously with CDCR, and have restored almost all of the back pay, seniority, and benefits they lost. We're not done yet, but they're back to work while we're pursuing the rest of what they're owed, in Monterey Superior Court and the Court of Appeal.
Our union member clients in Merced County received a significant increase to their retirement pay as a result of a settlement we negotiated in the Ventura case in 1999. After recent state legislation, the Retirement Association tried to take away the benefits of that settlement. We got an injunction, restoring the benefits, and we're in court as we speak, fighting the State and the Retirement Board, to make the injunction permanent.
A CDCR employee whose doctor's excuse was not received at his prison was declared to have involuntarily resigned. We got that ruling overturned in Sacramento County Superior Court, and we're resolving back pay issues now.
We're pleased to report that our clients at Lemoore P.D. (Teamsters Local 856 affiliate) and Chowchilla PD (represented directly by Bennett & Sharpe) will each receive a five (5%) percent wage increase as a result of contract negotiations this year. Other negotiations are ongoing.
We are also working on:
  • Suing the State of California in Monterey County to get full back pay for six State Correctional Officers who we got reinstated after they were wrongfully terminated;

  • Representing police officers involved in numerous critical incidents, administrative investigations, and at Skelly ¹ hearings;

  • Representing police officers involved in officer- involved shootings, both on-scene and at later administrative/criminal investigations;

  • Trying the case of a police officer accused of off-duty criminal conduct which, if proven, could cost him his job;

  • Representing a city firefighter who was wrongfully terminated;

  • Defending a fired Department of Homeland Security inspector before the Merit Systems Protection Board;

  • Representing various sworn and non-sworn employees of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and California Fish and Wildlife employees before the State Personnel Board in their appeals from termination;

  • Representing a teacher before the Public Employment Relations Board in her charge that she was discriminated against because of her union activity;

  • Suing a County on behalf of their correctional officers due to the County violating the employee’s MOU by having outsiders perform work that is specifically reserved for bargaining unit members;

  • Negotiating a new contract for bus drivers whose employer attempted to get rid of their union;

  • Representing community college teachers in fact-finding to get them a fair contract;

  • Negotiating contracts for City, County, and community college employees;

  • Representing applicants for disability and service-connected disability retirement;

  • Representing County of Merced employees in an action to prevent their Retirement Association from eliminating benefits secured for those employees as a result of a Ventura² settlement.

  • Representing employees involuntarily terminated by the State because a medical excuse was lost

  • Representing school administrators and teachers at the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
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